"Genius is seeing what everyone has seen, and thinking what no one has thought"

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Service Offering

The following are the services:

Ad Films, Corporate Films and Documentaries

The “soul of Genesis” advertising commercial have not only been the driving factor for the company, but has given birth to an uprising of filmmakers, technicians and production houses in the country over the years. Standing true to its name, Genesis, one of the finest ad film production houses in India, has modeled Indian advertising - creating new avatars every now and then. Spearheading every leap in Indian advertising where the style, taste and execution shift to match higher paradigms, we have rendered our expertise to create a cult of our own. Having worked on ads with taglines such as ‘Yeh Hi Hai Right Choice Baby’ and ‘Yeh Dil Maange More’, we have successfully reached out and connected with the hearts and minds of the people in our country on a huge scale. To service Premium brands has always been our forte. Our clients have ranged from Pepsi, Limca, Mirinda to Nestle (Maggie sauces), Dominos, Nutralite, Enfield and many more. The list is endless. Using our vast experience to make Corporate films, Public Service ads and Documentaries, we have not only effectively serviced corporate giants such as GMR,CEAT, but have provided opportunities to a range of future filmmakers to make documentaries which have won them a lot of praise. Watch our show reel to get a comprehensive idea of our work over 30 years….

Brand Consultancy and Strategy

To strategize to sell a Brand is perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of advertising. As Prahlad Kakar rightly puts it that “Likeability is very different from sale ability”, it isn’t just the visual of a great logo or a clever tagline which will sell the product or service. We understand that there is a great deal of thought that goes into the target, demographics, competition, novelty and demand, which all come together to strategize and build a brand to market it successfully. Image and positioning always gain paramount significance as it all comes down to what the consumer remembers and takes away at the end of the experience.

Public Relations and Media, Celebrity Management

At Crosshair, we liberate by breaking conservative codes of reaching out, to a more adventurous, bold and effective standard of practice. Not only do we build a brand but we also strategize service, manage and Connect with the brand. Since brand connectivity is the key to a successful P.R exercise, we earnestly work towards striking the right chord. Change is inevitable. Thus, we strive to be the change.

Workshops for Corporate and Management Universities

The only source of Knowledge is Experience. Those that know, Do. Those that understand, Teach! Prahlad Kakar, renowned for his incredible experience over the years has always made a point sharing and imparting knowledge to benefit young enthusiasts, people with a drive to excel and make a difference. Having worked with leading corporations worldwide, Prahlad is frequently approached by top level management of these firms to implement various Creative workshops for the young and ambitious. He also talks about leadership and motivation, in lectures held for Middle management business executives.

Specialized Camera Equipment

Back in the day, when special effects, VFX, specialized equipment were entities unheard of in Indian advertising, we felt the urge to broaden our scope to a more progressive approach in film-making. More often than not, film-makers felt a certain disconnect in the shots they conceived in their minds to the execution they finally accomplished. From a drop of water falling into a pond to the heroine’s scarf blown away in wind, the finesse and detailing of the shot could only get across if the viewer could hold the moment for a prolonged time and were able to watch the action and grasp it before it got over. On a regular timeline, the speed of these actions was really high, they would normally take a second or 2 at most, the need was to extend it and make it slower and more powerful an impact. In order to do this we had to go abroad till the 90’s. Hence was born the need to get specialized high speed cameras and equipment which could record more fps (frames per second) and give our clients what they really wanted.

Line Production

Line Production is figuratively described as performing a set of operations and setting the protocol in a repetitive manufacturing process. Conceptually, aesthetically or logically, each project is different and requires a set of creative's and techniques which are poles apart from each other. But at the base of any different project, lies the core called Production which essentially just follows one basic principle that the show must go on, come what may! Executing the Directors vision and dream and making it happen is what we do best.

Print Shoots

A picture speaks a thousand words. We, at Genesis, have always valued our print shoots for Clients as much as our ad films because we believe that to capture an idea on a single frame is far more challenging than making the film. In a quest for getting that perfect shot, we have seamlessly integrated a pool of talent and ideas over the years to provided clients looking for a one stop solution both the ad film and print shoot to happen simultaneously while doing the campaign for them.

Lacadives - India's premier scuba diving school

Being an adventurer at heart, crossing all realms of experience has been Prahlad’s thing. Not a believer in drawing boundaries - be it an idea or physical reach, the Kakar ideology has always been to accomplish the unattainable. To follow your dreams…This drive has steered him to places Wild and Wonderful! With a repertoire full of rich experiences, one such trip in 1985 led him to unlock a new dimension in his life.