"Genius is seeing what everyone has seen, and thinking what no one has thought"

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About Prahlad Kakar

Prahlad Kakar Film Productions

After over 25 years in the Advertising Film business, Prahlad Kakar’s Film Productions has successfully widened its scope in the business and is currently diversifying what it is currently doing. The film business is divided among its 3 companies mainly Prahlad Kakar Films, Offshoot and Offspring films with National and International clients like PepsiCo (India, Pakistan, NY and Asia), Nestle, HLL, ITC, Videocon, Dabur and Britannia etc. Prahlad has directed award winning Ad Film campaigns for these organizations in the last 30 years, some which have won awards in International Advertising festivals like Cannes and Lions Awards. His reputations to produce films that reach out to the hearts and minds of people and his wit and humor have made his commercials memorable and unique.

Today the advertising business is spread over a large number of new directors / producers / production houses, but the advertising pie has also gotten bigger. (The FCCI facts and figures are highlighted at the end of this note).

We, at Prahlad Kakar, look at focusing on our core areas of expertise in the field of advertising and media and harnessing all the experience, expertise and good will, and functioning under one main Company, Prahlad Kakar Film Production Pvt. Ltd. The areas of functioning are:


  1. Advertising Film business (an already existing business): Prahlad Kakar Films has always been known to give opportunities to new talent and introduce new talent into the business. Expanding our reach with 5 to 6 young directors to direct the smaller budget ad films, music videos and corporate films, increasing the volume of work, with Prahlad supervising all work .Prahlad Kakar has trained  a very large number of advertising professionals who are considered an asset for any organization in Media. We plan to take this forward by involving new talent in this field and getting the best minds to work on campaigns and films with Prahlad. And expanding this area of work.
  2. Public relations and Media and Entertainment (an already existing business in Crosshairs Communications). Prahlad has been involved in launching some of the existing and new brands in India like Tony and Guy, Swarovski, Fosters, Provogue, are just some of them. New brands coming into India, brand launches, servicing the media and entertainment businesses for corporate and new businesses coming into India, production and PR. In this, Prahlad’s creative vision in anticipating emerging trends and his strength in creating a Brand image is what adds value to the enterprise.
  3. Film and video equipments for hire. (Currently we have the only functioning specialized High speed 16mm and 35 mm Photosonics camera in India, underwater housing, digi cameras) We are looking to diversify into “the much in demand” niche equipments, specialized lenses, specialized lights, and computerized jibs and rigs. A Phase 2 of the diversification plan will be a Shooting Studio with editing and recording suites
  4. Prahlad Kakar has been training students/youngsters as part of its mandate to give back to the industry, over the last 25 years. Having the “Prahlad Kakar finishing school training” gets them jobs on the basis of his recommendation alone! Over the last 2 decades Prahlad has conducted Creative workshops and delivered Guest Lecture speeches at premier Management Institutes and Universities all across the country.
  5. Prahlad Kakar Creative Consultant. Currently Prahlad is consulting with  company’s to provide creative inputs, brand building, brand and marketing promotions etc. we are looking to widen the scope of this given Prahlad’s experience in selling aspirations across all markets and product ranges, GCC comes on board with the Client to help them in its endeavor to maximize Brand building and eyeballs.
    Given Prahlad’s creativity, goodwill and impeccable reputation in the Media Industry, to have him spearhead the Company, will attract an assured volume of business and following. Today he is considered among one of the Advertising Gurus in the country and institutionalizing his vast experience and vision is our USP, while encouraging new talent and growth in the future.

The integration of all of the above-mentioned facilities, under Prahlad Kakar’s direct supervision, offers A Total Solutions approach under one umbrella.

Some Industry facts and figures:

  • India has an estimated 52 million homes with televisions. This works out to 270 million television viewers in homes. The total number of viewers, including non-television home viewers, is around 415 million. The country is estimated to have anywhere from 30,000-60,000 cable operators.
  • The entertainment industry experienced growth of more than 30% in 2001 to Rs 130 billion from Rs 100 billion in 2000.More recently the figures have gone up by a substantial amount.
  • Total ads spend increased by 10.2% in 2001 to Rs 78.5 billion against Rs 71.3 billion in 2000.
  • Subscription revenue increased its share in the total entertainment industry from Rs 30 billion in 2000 to Rs 40 billion in 2001 at a growth rate of 33%
  • Exports of video films/software have increased by 65% from Rs 7.25 billion in 1999/2000 to Rs 12 billion in 2000/2001.
  • Films segment has experienced steady growth of over 15% in the last few years. In 2001, it produced 1,013 films (taking the size of the industry to $ 509 million), up 18% from 855 films in 2000.
  • Since, 1931, when talkies were introduced in the country, the film industry has produced more than 67,000 films in more than 30 different languages and dialects.
  • Indian film exports touched Rs 5.25 billion in 2001, up 17% from Rs 4.5 billion in 2000.


  • Sale of music rights contributed Rs 1.5 billion to industry revenues in 2001.
  • According to the Indian Readership Survey 2001 (IRS 2001), the share of television has increased from 62% of media consumption in 1995 to 72% in 2001. Television garnered 40.5% of the total advertising expenditure (ad spend) in the country in 2001, second only to the print media.
  • The Rs 94 billion television industry in India is broadly segmented into television broadcasting, cable television and television software with the three segments accounting for 38%, 43% and 19% of total industry size respectively.
  • Television reaches 50.6% of the total population, 78.7% of the urban population and 39.8% of the rural population, according to the findings of IRS 2001. As per the National Readership Survey 2001 (NRS 2001), there are 79.4 million television households in the country, with many receiving over 100 Indian and foreign television channels.
  • The size of the cable television segment, in terms of the total revenues earned by it, is estimated at Rs 40.05 billion in 2001. This represents a huge jump of 68% over the size in 2000.
  • Subscriptions accounted for 93% of total revenue in 2001 and 97% in 2000.
  • The television software segment had an estimated size of Rs 17.59 billion in terms of revenues, in 2001. This marks a 27% increase over its size in 2000.
  • Regional television channels contributed a higher share of revenues (40%) in 2001 as compared to 2000 (33%). The Electronics and Computer Software Exports Promotion Council estimates television software exports at Rs 3.5 billion during2001, which accounts for 20% of year’s total revenues.