"Genius is seeing what everyone has seen, and thinking what no one has thought"

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Public Relations and Media

Our PR arm at Crosshairs, conservative codes are thrown out of the window and replaced with a more adventurous, bold and effective standard of practice. Not only do we build a brand but we also strategize, manage and connect with the brand. We know what they want out there and what the brand brings to the table, the amalgamation of the two is where our expertise lies. Change is inevitable, and we strive to be that change.

Being an opinion maker and media magnet, Prahlad Kakar felt the need to converge the various dimensions of life in supporting young people. Crosshairs is one such endeavor, a very young and enthusiastic team coming together using his vast experience in building brands and dealing with media and events. Our resume includes being the official PR agency Delhi Fashion Week 2009, Lakme India Fashion Week, offering PR services to Sony Pictures, Hyatt Regency – Delhi, Watch World Awards 2010, Hindustan Lever Limited, Popley Group, Foster’s (India Ltd) among others.

With a long antiquity of PR expertise Crosshairs Communication foresees the future of this industry in Social Media. Crosshairs has started a new vertical to provide expertise on Social Media.

Because we think that every client’s need differs, we fashion our execution in a way which suits each taste. We work to innovate and hence time and again, we have reinvented ourselves to not follow present trends but to set them. Following protocol is passé. Setting benchmarks is our thing. And hence, we label creativity by watermarking it with our own brand philosophies. The founder, Prahlad Kakar is a relentless individual who believes in making the connection with a cutting edge approach. Inadequacy is not an option since after all, as Stuti Jain is often heard saying about him “his name is Prahlad, which starts with a P-R”.

The ABBYs, a mega Advertising and P.R event held in Bombay, conferred “Recognition of Distinction” for Prahlad’s contribution to Indian and Asian advertising. He is considered one of the most influential people in advertising according to Brand Equity.