"Genius is seeing what everyone has seen, and thinking what no one has thought"

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Creative Knowledge Workshops

The only source of knowledge is experience. Those that know, Do. Those that understand, Teach!

Prahlad Kakar, renowned for his incredible experience over the years has always made a point sharing and imparting knowledge to benefit young enthusiasts, people with a drive to excel and make a difference.

Having worked with leading corporations worldwide, Prahlad is frequently approached by top level management of these firms to implement various Creative workshops for the young and ambitious. He also talks about leadership and motivation, in lectures held for Middle management business executives. To name a few, McKenzie, Taj Group of Hotels, Olive Oil Council, Frisch and Dr. Reddy’s. He has held talks and workshops in various colleges, schools, universities, and Management Institutions like IIM Ahmadabad, IIM Kolkata, the IITs, Symbiosis, Light and Life Photography Institute, Kellogs etc. IIM has also begun the ‘The Contemporary Film Industry Elective’ course, with Prahlad Kakar as a guest lecturer. Education is key and it is a rare opportunity to interact with young people from all over the country and abroad. Exchanging and sharing of ideas is always a valuable experience for both Prahlad and the participants.