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Specialized Camera Equipment

Back in the day, when special effects, VFX, specialized equipment were entities unheard of in Indian advertising, we felt the urge to broaden our scope to a more progressive approach in film-making. More often than not, film-makers felt a certain disconnect in the shots they conceived in their minds to the execution they finally accomplished. From a drop of water falling into a pond to the heroine’s scarf blown away in wind, the finesse and detailing of the shot could only get across if the viewer could hold the moment for a prolonged time and were able to watch the action and grasp it before it got over. On a regular timeline, the speed of these actions was really high, they would normally take a second or 2 at most, the need was to extend it and make it slower and more powerful an impact. In order to do this we had to go abroad till the 90’s. Hence was born the need to get specialized high speed cameras and equipment which could record more fps (frames per second) and give our clients what they really wanted.

Prahlad Kakar understood this need were the first to import Photosonics High Speed cameras for high speed product and action/stunt shots with Off Camera Cine Equipments. The Photo-sonics Action Master camera in 16mm Off Camera pioneered to service commercial and motion pictures with the finest and most unfailing high speed equipment. As the need and demand for the Photo-sonic spread to feature films and became the flavour of the market Prahlad Kakar  brought the first (and only) 35 mm Photo-sonic camera in 2008 and has, since then, raised the standard of stunts, song sequences in Bollywood movies.

With a professional setup and skilled attendants, Prahlad Kakar was and is able to deliver excellent equipment support and maintenance. We have consistently rendered our services to filming special effects for feature films, high grade Product visuals in television commercials, music video, and the works! OffCamera has worked with almost every production house in the Television commercials or the feature film industry, to name a few of the recent well known production houses :


Dharma Productions, Yashraj Films, Reliance Big Entertainment, Ashtvinayak Films, Arbaz Khan Productions

Ad Film Production Houses:

Whitelight Films, Bang Bang Films, Rising Sun, Rajiv Menon Productions, Working I, Ginger Water, Equinox, Illusion Films, Dungarpur Films, Ramesh Deo Productions, Iris Films (Chennai), Rocket Science Films, Soda Films


Viacom 18 Media Pvt. Ltd.,
You may also watch our showreel (link word to YouTube) to get a far more comprehensive idea of the work we and our equipment have been involved with.

Details of our Cameras on Hire:

35 mm Photosonic High speed 4B (Pentax mount)

Camera Specifications
Frames 250 , 500, 750, 1000, 1250 fps

45mm, 55mm, 75mm, 90mm, 105mm Pentax 2.8t..
25-250 Cooke zoom 4t

Shutter 72 degree fixed..
Tripod Junior and Senior Tripod
Ground glass Ground glass 1:2.35,1:1.85/1.66 combo, Academy TV glass (1:1.33)
Additional Video assist, Matte box and normal filters available, Control box, 420vlt to 220vlt step down convertor. All the necessary cable for camera. 4 Magazines with 8 spools, Rewinder
Hire Charges Available on request


16mm Photosonic High Speed

Camera Specifications
Frames Runs at 24-500fps
Lenses 11- 165mm 2.5T, 7-81 hr ANG 2.4T
Shutter 160degree
Tripod Junior and Senior Tripod
Additional 7.5degree – beamsplitter, shutter video assist with frame by frame video assist and Cinelog software, 4x4 Matte box with normal filter (Plain 85,Proxer 1,2,3, Plain Glass, ND series, ff2, 7inch onboard LCD, 2 Magazines with spools.
Hire Charges Available on request